Travis Gaertner was born without his lower limbs but he has fully adopted an active lifestyle. He recently became the USA national handcycling champion, won gold at the final UCI 2019  Para-Cycling World Cup, and finished the 2019 season with a bronze medal at the 2019 World Para-cycling championships. He lives a balanced lifestyle, finding time to train at the highest level while pursuing his client’s needs during the day with a full time corporate career, and being present in the evenings with his family of five. Living an active lifestyle and achieving your dreams, in whatever the circumstances, is possible with the right mindset!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13


Life is all about what you do with what you’re given!

Travis has run into many people who say things like “I’m sorry for your situation” or “Can I pray for your heeling?”. His response is “Why? … I’m not sorry for my situation, why should you be?… And why would I pray that my creator change his original design?” Being in a wheelchair hasn’t slowed Travis down, in many ways, it’s enhanced his life. He works everyday to do the best with what life deals him.

Imagine towing cars with your wheelchair to gain explosive speed and completing 3-mile workouts through unplowed snow to acquire balance in your wheelchair. Those were just some of the things that led Travis to serve as captain of the University of Illinois wheelchair basketball team, joining the National Wheelchair Basketball Team right out of high school, and becoming a two-time gold medalist in wheelchair basketball in the Sydney 2000 Paralympics and the Athens 2004 Paralympics.

Bill Walton’s Version of Travis’ Story!

These days four AM wake-up calls to cycle in dark frosty 30 degrees weather, V02 max intervals in the pouring pacific northwest rain, and 3-hour sessions on a SCIFIT upper body ergometer are some of the strategies Travis is pursuing weekly gains in handcycling to pursuit the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games!

Travis has been able to meet a wide variety of inspiring people who have encouraged him along his journey. One of which Travis grew up watching compete – NBA hall of famer Bill Walton.  Here’s his version of Travis’ story:


Thank you to the over 200 donors who have helped put a good dent on the funding required to compete at this level. And to Travis’ training sponsors, thank you for your amazing partnerships.

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