How to Train with One Limb – UBE

As I continue through a 6 week period of not being able to train with my right arm, creativity is required to avoid losing last year’s gains – today I did upper body ergometer training with one arm! I was able to get my heart rate up to threshold levels which really surprised me. It’s amazing what you can do even with only one limb!

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How to Train with One Limb – Swimming

I am continuing to blog my 6 week recovery period after having a procedure on my right elbow. I last posted about ways to keep strength training which continues to go fairly well. The doctor told me I could swim as well! I’m not a swimmer by any means but I will take what I can get to stay active during this period and protect as many of last year’s gains that I can. Take a look:

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How to Train with One Limb – Strength

I had had a procedure done on my right elbow last week. I was told by the doc to take 4 weeks off from the bike which threw me into a bad state of mind so I took to researching how I could train with one arm during this period. I came up with a number of ideas that have been approved by my doctor starting with today’s strength training session. The idea came to me to send a note to Dancing With the Stars contestant Noah Galloway who competed with only one leg and one arm. If you’ve seen Noah, you’d know he’s quite strong. I was humbled when he replied to my note and gave me the ideas in this video:



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Debunking 10 Common Myths About the Paralympics

I get questions about the Paralympics a lot. Even more so, I find myself in a situation where somebody I’m engaged in conversation with has no real idea what the Paralympics are. When I was at the World Championships earlier this month, I was reminded how much further along European cultures are with their understanding and general market support of the Paralympics. Did you know you can play professional wheelchair basketball in Europe? Not only that but teams typically have roadies who follow them around from weekend to weekend to watch them in play.

With that that in mind, let’s start here: an article about 10 common misconceptions about the Paralympics.