Your Reaction to Somebody in a Wheelchair – Cheer or Chide

First take a look at the 20 second video below, then read on….


That was me going down the escalator on my way to catch a flight. How did you react?

I’ve encountered many who have run after me, cheered me on and told me that I’ve made their day showing such independence. I’ve also seen the other side of people, who dash in front of me to prevent my impending doom and that of those around me. I assure you, I’ve been doing this all my life – to avoid exaggeration, likely 5,000 times. Of that 5,000 I’ve been without incident…..5,000 times. I’ll take those odds.

Same thing when I’m on my handcycle. I’ve experienced many people stopping their cars to cheer me on, take pictures, and encourage me. On the other hand, just yesterday on my 5am ride, I had somebody on the opposite side of the road, with no traffic around, roll down his window just to say “F#@# You!” I have also been the recipient of somebody’s garbage dump.

How do you react?

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